INTERVIEW TO Maurizio Landini

  • 10/05/2017
INTERVIEW TO Maurizio Landini

FIOM General Secretary

What is electricity to you?

An invaluable asset.

Do you have a personal memory linked to electricity?

I have several, starting with my daily usage, such as pressing the light switch or the button for the lift.

Are you an energy saver?

Let’s say that I don’t consider myself to be wasteful.

What do you do to save electricity?

I’m careful not to use electricity when I don’t need to, I turn off lights and electronic devices.

What would you light better in your city or elsewhere in Italy?

Those places that are less safe, while still paying attention to wastage.

How would you make high-voltage pylons more attractive?

I’d start by moving them away from homes.

Any suggestions for Terna?

Try to rationalise the cost of energy as far as possible.