INTERVIEW TO Massimiliano Fuksas

  • 28/04/2017
INTERVIEW TO Massimiliano Fuksas


What is electricity to you?

Something truly indispensable.

Do you think mankind could do without it?

Absolutely not!

Is it an endless resource or should we use it sparingly?

It’s definitely not an endless resource.

Are you an energy saver?

No…I wouldn’t say so. In fact, I very often leave appliances on, in stand-by, though I do almost always switch off the light when I leave a room.

When there are electricity emergencies and you are asked to limit consumption, do you? Or do you continue with your usual habits, unperturbed?

I adapt, as we all should.

In terms of lighting installations, what would you choose to light better in your home town, or elsewhere in Italy?

The roads particularly.

How would you make high-voltage pylons more attractive?

Unfortunately, nothing can really be done about that.

Any suggestions for Terna, the national electricity operator?

That they ensure the power doesn’t keep cutting out. That the supply of electricity is a given.