INTERVIEW TO Marco Verratti

  • 04/05/2017
INTERVIEW TO Marco Verratti

Footballer for Paris Saint Germain and the Italian national team

What is electricity to you?

An invention that has made life easier.

Do you have a personal memory linked to electricity?

Not one in particular, no.

Are you an energy saver?

I try to be but I could definitely improve.

What do you do to save electricity?

I don’t leave lights on if I don’t need them.

What would you light better in your city or elsewhere in Italy?

I moved to Paris more than a year ago and see that abroad they do a better job of presenting their monuments, also using special lighting. I think that we should do more to promote our monuments and museums in Italy, as they are very beautiful.

How would you make high-voltage pylons more attractive?

Perhaps we could paint them, so they have less of an impact on their surroundings.

Any suggestions for Terna?

To try to lower the cost of electricity!