The extraordinary campaign “10 thousand trees for Pantelleria to remember the fire of 2016” is under way
  • 06/04/2017
Ten thousand trees and clean energy for Pantelleria

Catia Bastioli: Terna’s works will provide the island with clean, renewable energy

reforestation of part of the natural heritage of the island of Pantelleria which was destroyed last May in a case of arson which devastated over 600 hectares of native vegetation. Following this event, the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, with a decree of 28 July 2016, established the Pantelleria Park, which is now the 24th National Park and the 1st in Sicily.

Numerous figures of the environmental, political and business world inaugurated this initiative on the MareVivo barge on the Tiber in Rome: from the Chairman of Federparchi, Giampiero Sammuri, to the under-secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Barbara Degani; from the Chairwoman of Terna and Kyoto Club, Catia Bastioli, to the Mayor of Pantelleria, Salvatore Gino Gabriele; from the national Chairwoman of Legambiente, Rossella Muroni, to the Chairman of the Parks Committee for Kyoto, Antonio Ferro; and from the Chairwoman of MareVivo, Rosalba Giugni, to Giuseppe Barbera of the department of Agricultural Science and Forestry of Palermo University.

In her speech as Chairwoman of Kyoto Club, Catia Bastioli also made reference to the Terna Group project to provide clean energy from renewables to the island. “On the island of Pantelleria, as on other islands not connected to the national grid and managed by small electricity companies, the production of electricity is almost entirely carried out with diesel generators” – explained Ms Bastioli, Chairwoman of Terna – “which lose a great deal of energy into the environment in the form of waste heat. This has a huge impact from the point of view of noise and environmental pollution and high production costs: the electricity thus produced has a cost on average six times higher than the continental price, which translates into bills more than € 60 million higher every year on a national basis. Generation from renewables, on the other hand, is still very limited, despite the enormous potential these areas offer.”

To address this unsustainable situation, in June 2016, with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Pantelleria, S.Med.E. Pantelleria (the company that produces and distributes electricity on the island) and Terna Plus, the first step in the Pantelleria Smart Island project was made. “The aim of the agreement” – continued Catia Bastioli – “is to increase the spread of clean energy across the island, at the same time reducing use of fossil fuels, for the production of electricity. Thanks to integrated smart grid management, these actions will allow a reduction in pollution, improving environmental conditions and the quality of life of the citizens of Pantelleria. In addition, these aspects will have positive impacts on tourism, which is a precious component of the island's economy, as it is famous around the world for its outstanding natural beauty.”

In detail, the project involves a series of operations, including the building of renewable energy plants and energy storage systems for the management of non-programmable renewable sources; active management of electricity demand, optimising the main loads on the island; and contribution to the transformation of the transport system, from the current, traditional system, to a new smart system with lower impacts and electric cars and charging points. It also involves works to increase energy efficiency, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, also thanks to the use of gas and smoke recovery systems and changes to the existing production systems.