• 01/12/2017
INTERVIEW TO  Alex Zanardi

Race car driver and television host

What is electricity for you?

It is an essential source of energy in today's life. It was probably not so necessary in the past; however, scientific progress should always be looked upon favorably when it leads to improvements in human life and society.

Do you have any personal memories linked to electricity?

As a child I had a passion for “Do it Yourself” and this was a source of concern for my parents. I remember getting slightly shocked by 110 volts, the so-called normal current we had at the time, if I remember correctly...

Could you define yourself as an energy saver?

I’m probably not that great in this sense but it bothers me when people leave the lights on at home and there is no one there. I even get mad at my son because of it. I hate waste but I am not overly careful.

What do you do to save energy?

I use low consumption lights. Since I live in a big house, there is a small light that is always on in the living room, one of those low consumption lights which allow you to have a minimum vision without being too expensive.

What would you light up better in your city or in Italy?

I was born in Bologna but I have lived in Padua for a long time. Lighting is certainly important because it makes cities more livable and safer. But, you need a sort of cultural operation to bring to Italy the notion that in order to have more light, more power, you probably need to make a sacrifice. I don’t like eco-fundamentalism; many people are outraged by the garbage that is piled up in Naples but no one wants to have a garbage disposal in their backyard. By the same token, we all want energy but we don’t want to see a pylon round the corner.

How would you render high voltage pylons more user friendly?

I’ve recently seen pylons “disguised” as trees in Germany. A hardly noticeable, well designed structure located inside big parks or woods. A fake tree like that on Italian plains would certainly look tacky. It would probably be better to come up with other ideas, I’m not sure.

A suggestion for Terna!

Support the cultural mission I mentioned earlier: teach Italians that in order to have certain resources, they have to respect and protect them. Energy, even electricity, must be preserved, perhaps improved but never wasted. Or, even worse, it should not be unused.