INTERVIEW TO Fulvio Abbate

  • 07/12/2017
INTERVIEW TO  Fulvio Abbate


What is electricity for you?

Something that has always existed. I cannot imagine a world without electricity. It is a natural phenomenon, not an artificial one.

Do you have any personal memories linked to electricity?

The miracle of the light switch that was in the middle of my grandparents’ headrest behind their bed that used to turn on the light in the room. The wire was made of fabric and the switch was made of Bakelite.

Could you define yourself as an energy saver?

Not really. I turn off the lights as a conditioned reflect since I constantly hear my father’s voice complaining about too many lights being turned on.

What do you do to save energy?

When I am in my office and I leave to go to the bathroom, I turn off the light, turning it back on when I return. My new neighbour is a young left wing actress. She always leaves the lights on in her balcony. I ask myself, is it for distraction or out of forgetfulness?

What would you light up better in your city or in Italy?

I would use better lighting for the monuments in a more rational way. Dan Flavin was an artist that worked with neon lights creating interesting lighting situations

How would you render high voltage pylons more user friendly?

I would leave them as they are. If they were to be commissioned to designers, I am sure that monstrosities like the lights along the Roma-Fiumicino highway would be produced.

A suggestion for Terna!

Rationalize energy production.