Giuseppe Lasco, Terna's Head of Corporate Affairs: "A further confirmation of the company’s voluntary and responsible commitment to supporting legality, transparency and security"
  • 01/02/2017
Fighting corruption: Terna obtains the first ISO 37001 certification from IMQ

Terna is the first Italian company to certify its anti-corruption management system

Attesting all the requisites of security, quality, social responsibility and sustainability of the holding Terna SpA and of the subsidiaries Terna Rete Italia and Terna Plus, was the Certification Body IMQ, the most important Italian entity for the control and assessment of compliance and certification of products and corporate quality and management systems.

Terna, which operates more than 72,000 km of electricity lines all over Italy, employing every day 4,000 workers of more than 300 qualified companies in the almost 150 construction sites open from the North to the South, has accepted on a voluntary basis this international standard, which was published in the middle of this past October and is entitled “Anti-Bribery management systems”.

“Fighting corruption has always been a cornerstone of our corporate culture”, said Giuseppe Lasco, Manager of Terna’s Corporate Affairs Division, “and for this reason we have chosen to align to the regulatory requirements all the activities of analysis and control of the integrated security system that Terna has developed over the last few years"

 In order to prevent activities that could potentially represent crimes of corruption, the company has developed a management model compliant with the standard ISO 37001, with which it guarantees conduct based on criteria of correctness, loyalty and moral integrity; in addition, it undertakes to observe all the laws, rules and regulations on the subject of combating corruption in Italy and abroad and to conduct its activities in such a way as not to be involved in any bribery offences.

This international certification is for us a reason for great satisfaction and represents a further confirmation of the company’s voluntary and responsible commitment to supporting legality, transparency and security, three principles that we consider fundamental for our company and for relaunching the development of the country”, said Giuseppe Lasco.

Among the main measures adopted, besides the commitment of the top management: preparation of an anti-bribery policy; identification of an officer in charge; training for all people involved; assessment of the specific risks; definition of the related procedures for commercial and financial controls or for regulating gifts and presents; monitoring of suppliers and commercial partners; establishment of reporting and investigation procedures.

“Application of the standard helps to reduce the risk of bribery and shows all the interested parties that the organisation is putting in place good practices recognised at the international level for controlling corruption” commented Flavio Ornago of IMQ. “Terna, committing itself to obtaining a certification of a voluntary kind, which reduces these risks, has shown evidence of extreme responsibility in relation to the market, the stakeholders, but also consumers”.

Every year corruption has a cost of more than a thousand billion dollars, with catastrophic consequences in terms of credibility of the market. For this reason the ISO - International Standards Organization - has developed the standard ISO 37001 to help organisations to combat corruption and to promote ethics in business activities.

Since 2005 Terna has invested more than 10 billion euro to modernise the national electricity transmission grid, another 6.6 billion is provided for in the Development Plan: an important economic commitment that the company has decided to tackle with an integrated security model, which is based also on sharing the risk with institutional partners and with police forces. A process begun already many years ago by the company, which has chosen the strategy of counting on legality and on integrated security, to strengthen prevention on subjects such as bribery, unreported employment, unpaid contributions and the risk of criminal infiltrations into the economic fabric, in contracts and subcontracts.

With the agreement recently stipulated with the Italian Finance Police, and thanks to a dedicated task force, Terna has already reported back to the force and made available all relevant information for the prevention and repression of irregularities, fraud and all other economic-financial crimes. The collaboration stems from the desire to fight irregularities as well as a focus on the protection of the environment and worker health and safety: it is an integrated approach with the aim of reinforcing an organic overview of the business work on legality, transparency and the environment.

Terna is also the first company in Italy to develop a project like “Open, Transparent Works”, a one-of-a-kind web space, covering the whole nation that is entirely given over to electrical infrastructure sites across Italy, with free access – by citizens and businesses from any electronic device – to full details of the type and number of contracts, tenders and subcontracts, together with the economic value, for all works under construction.