Live streaming of the ceremony to reward the team members on the front line of the bad weather emergency in Northern Italy
  • 12/12/2018
Awards for the people of Terna. CEO Ferraris: “Loyalty, passion and responsibility: the values of our company”


Valour and values. On this festive occasion, the sense of commitment and responsibility among Terna’s people is, now more than ever before, at the centre of the live streamed event which virtually connected all Italian offices. Around 900 employees, live from the regional offices in Cappella Maggiore (Treviso), Brescia, Milan, Genoa, Palermo, Turin, Cagliari, Florence, Rome and Padua, shared the values that, above all else, marked their actions in 2018.

This year, the event took on an even more significant meaning in the areas hit by the recent weather disasters. In Northern Italy, in close contact with the local communities, our technicians provided their expertise, showed great courage and made significant self-sacrifices to respond to the emergencies. The awards were for loyalty, passion and a sense of responsibility, the values that, every day, drive the work of Terna's people throughout the Italian territory. A big round of applause came from all over Italy as three plaques were awarded to the three groups of operators and coordinators who had distinguished themselves for their work at the end of October in Triveneto.

After CEO Luigi Ferraris, Chairwoman Catia Bastioli and Terna Rete Italia CEO Pier Francesco Zanuzzi handed out the trophies, it was time for the individual awards: with medals for each of the 323 technicians and regional managers for their work in dealing with the damage to the electricity grid caused by the bad weather, returning energy to the area and to the people who had been left in the dark.

Also in live streaming were the greetings from Luigi Ferraris in Cappella Maggiore (Treviso), Catia Bastioli in Brescia and Pier Francesco Zanuzzi in Genoa, which were broadcast to all company employees, managers, supervisors and technicians throughout Italy. Hosting the event live from the Cappella Maggiore offices, Silvia Marinari, Head of Human Resources, opened the event by introducing the participating managers from each location, guiding the individual team member awards and closing the ceremony with a final toast.

Our people and our regions are always at the heart of Terna’s strategy to better develop and manage the Italian national electricity transmission grid. Passion and teamwork help to increase the network’s resilience in the face of adverse weather events and to ease the ongoing energy transition process.