Sustainability, innovation, territory and people to talk about the profound process of transforming the energy system
  • 18/03/2019
Lightbox: more than just a blog for our stories


Visit Lightbox online in the next few days. A new blog to put the spotlight on everything Terna, starting with our singular knowledge and expertise about the energy system and our valuable native data. Thanks to an increasingly immersive narration, just like in a photography box, we will be shedding new light on our most important subjects: innovation, sustainability, our people and everyday activities, and the world of energy.

What is energy transition? To roll out this important digital channel, we’ve chosen to start with a long interactive discussion about energy transition. In this way, we try to translate the complexity and importance of the current global process, with a focus on the challenges of decarbonisation and the integration of energy from renewable sources in Italy and Europe.

The electricity market is experiencing great change. In just a few years, the traditional system formed of few actors - centralised generation, distribution and consumers - has changed to a more complex and integrated system. Today, Terna must safely manage a context that has seen the number of players multiply. Among others, these include new collection points in distributed generation, prosumers, storage systems, renewables and an increase of flows at borders.

The new Lightbox seeks a simple, immediate way to talk about the big issues that characterise this change and define energy future for all, with a particular focus on environmental and social sustainability, the involvement of people and local communities as protagonists in developing the regional network and investments in innovation to manage this transition as best we can.